Sunday, February 8, 2009

SICA Hyderabad - Kalyani Balakrishna Iyer Memorial Concert on 11th Feb 2009

SICA Hyderabad is organizing Grand Carnatic Vocal Concert (Kalyani Balakrishna Iyer Memorial Concert) by "Carnatica Brothers" Sri K.N. Sashikiran & P. Ganesh (Vocal Duet) on 11th Feb 2009 at 6:30 PM at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad. Violin support by Sri V.L. Kumar, Mridangam by Sri M.L.N. Raju and Morsing by Sri P. Srinivasagopalan.

Carnatica Brothers: Grandsons of legendary Gottuvadhyam Narayana Iyengar, Sashikiran and Ganesh are cousins who sing as the vocal duo "Carnatic Brothers". The duo have stormed the carnatic music world at the age of two as child prodigies and have since emerged as front-ranking musicians. They had their advanced training under "Sangita Kalanidhi" Brida and also from T. Viswanathan and Calcutta K. S. Krishna Murthy. They have performed extensively in India and in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia & UAE. They now have a vast experience of over 3500 concerts, lecture demonstrations, jugal bandis and fusion concerts. They have garnered critical acclaim and popularity with their emotive style of singing and their strict adherence to classicism.
In Sept. 2006, Shashikiran and Ganesh performed a marathon 24 hours concerts - a stupendous task considering the fact that they did not take a single break during the entire 24 hours. The concert was dedicated to all those who lost their lives in various natural calamities and terrorist strikes and to mark the World Peace Day.
The brothers have been accompanied by senior stalwards like "Sangita Kalanidhis" Umayalpuram Sivaraman, T.K. Murthy, Vellore Ramabadran and others. They are the Asthana Vidwans of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Recipients of numerous awards and titles: 'Best Vocalist" from CMANA, USA (1998), Bharath Nirman Excellence Award for meritorious achievements in diverse fields, "Outstanding Young Indian" by Jaycees Special Millennium Honour Award, Music Adacemy's "Best Ragam Tanam Pallavi" Award 2004, "Isai Chudar" from Sri Ragam Fine Arts, Barath Kalachar's Yuva Kala Bharathi Award (2002) etc.

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sherlock holmes said...

Satya garu, is this concert open for all or only for invited people ? If tickets are there, how much is the ticket price ? .. and are you attending concert today ? --Purushotham