Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nanduri Subbarao and his 'Enki Paatalu'

The set of romantic poems 'Enti Paatalu' written by Nanduri Subbarao is well known to telugu-speaking people. Nanduri Venkata Subba Rao (1895-1957) conceptualized the idea of 'Enki Paatalu' during his student days of BA at Madras Christian College, around 1917-18. Though the writings of Gurajada Apparao in spoken language were well known to people at that time, using such language in literature was still considered unusual. He used the dialects of Godavari and Visakha areas in his poems and received mixed criticism among his peers and friends. The first edition of 'Enki Paatalu' was released in 1925. After a long gap of 27 years, the second edition was released with some new songs added. The poems left an indelible mark on the Telugu language and literature.

'Enki' and 'Naidu Bava' are the main characters of the poems. 'Enki' is a washer-woman who is in deep love with 'Naidu Bava'. The central theme of poems is the love and romance between them. Eminent writers and thinkers like Adavi Bapiraju, Sri Sri, Chalam, Devulapalli Krishna Sastry adored 'Enki Paatalu' and wrote about the songs. But the work gained real popularity due to the radio and music concerts. 'Nanduri Enki pata laga' (just like Nanduri Enki song) has become a common expression to depict something pleasant and beautiful.

You can access the songs as a pdf here. I got the recordings of about 31 songs ( 32 kbps - the audio quality is not that good) sung by none other than Sri M. Balamurali Krishna and Sri Srirangam Gopalarathnam. It is a real pleasure to listen to these songs sung by the stalwarts of the music, which inspired me to write this article.

The rest of the post contains two wonderful songs from the work. Though it is beyond my capabilities and knowledge to write about these songs, this is a humble attempt to bring these songs closer to the people of my generation who almost forgot the existence of such master pieces. The first song is 'Intenate Sandra Mentho Yanukonti' (MP3).
Intenate Sandra Mentho Yanukonti
Manku Sooridukoo Maddenundena!
Naa Neethi Naa Jaathi
Naavaare Poonada
Marigi Manasu Sa
garamaaye Nannaru Inthe...
Naa Raaje Naa Kaasi
Veru Soopulu Sooda
Kadalivale Naa Gunde
Kalathabade Nannaru Inthe...
Saththemerigina Paapa
Poththillalo Daagi
Kanneeru Munneru
Karagisthi Mannaru Inthe...
Anchudari Ledante
Emo Yanukunnanu Inthe...

Fortunately, I found a translation of this song in the book 'Hibiscus on the Lake' written by Valcheru Narayana Rao.

The ocean is so small.
It only fills the little space between us and the sun, that's all!
When my own people talked of me and my morals, my pain,
you said, was huge like the ocean. Is this all! The ocean is so small!
When my man looked at me as if I was not his woman, my heart,
you said, moaned like the ocean. Is this all! The ocean is so small!
When I held my baby, who knows the truth, I cried,
you said, an ocean of tears. Is this all! The ocean is so small!
When you said it has no end, no shore, and it holds eternal life,
I thought it was big, big like God. Is this all! The ocean is so small!

The second song is 'Enki Tho Theerthanikellali' (MP3) and is titled 'Pillodu' (The child). Click on the image for the telugu lyrics to be visible clearly.

Enkitho Theerthanikellali,
Sankalo Pillodu Sambralupaduthunte!
Enkitho Theerthanikellali,
Neththi Mootalaneththukovali!
Koththa Madathala Deesikattali!
Adavi Daarula Yenta Nadavali!
Baruvu Maarusukonta Phakkunna Navvali!
Enkitho Theerthanikellali!
Sankalo Pillodu Sambralupaduthunte!
Thathanaati Voosu Talavali!
Daaripoduguna Keesuladali!
'Tappuneede' Yanta Deppali!
Daivamunnadaani Dhadipinchukovali!
Enkitho Theerthanikellali!
Sankalo Pillodu Sambralupaduthunte!
Enkitho Theerthanikellali!
Kathakaada Koosintha Nilavali!
Kathagaadu Maavoose Seppali!
Nanu Soosi Pillodu Navvali!
Maalona Maameto Mathulirusukovali!
Enkitho Theerthanikellali!
Sankalo Pillodu Sambralupaduthunte!
Enkitho Theerthanikellali!
Konetilo Tanamaadali!
Gudisuttu Mummaru Tiragali!
Kopaalu Taapalu Manaali!
Iddaramu Pillonni Eesudiki Soopali!
Enkitho Theerthanikellali!
Sankalo Pillodu Sambralupaduthunte!
Enkitho Theerthanikellali!

Since I could not find a translation of the above song, I dared to provide a very approximate translation of the above. Please excuse me for any mistakes. I am sure this is not the best and feel free to let me know the if any changes required.

I should go to the holy place with Enki!
While the boy in my lap is rejoicing!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!
We should put the luggage on our heads!
We should wear new clothes!
We should walk through the forests!
While changing the weight from one hand to another, we should laugh!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!
While the boy in my lap is rejoicing!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!
We should talk about the old times!
We should fight all along the way!
We should scorn at each other, 'its your fault'!
We should warn each other that the God is watching!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!
While the boy in my lap is rejoicing!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!
We should stop at the story teller!
The story teller should tell our story!
The boy should look at me and laugh!
We should forget ourselves and rejoice!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!
While the boy in my lap is rejoicing!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!
We should take a bath in the holy water!
We should walk around the temple!
We should control our anger!
We should show our boy to the God!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!
While the boy in my lap is rejoicing!
I should go to the holy place with Enki!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Sri Mysore V. Ramarathnam is no more

Mysore V. Ramarathnam breathed his last on the night of November 15, 2008. He is an eminent Carnatic vocalist and composer. He performed extensively both in India and abroad, and in several AIR centers. He trained a large number of students. He composed over 25 compositions in Sanskrit, Telugu and Kannada under the mudra “Rama”. He has published over 15 books dealing with theory and practical aspects of carnatic music. He was a disciple of Sangeetha Rathna Mysore T. Chowdiah and was a contemporary Mysore Vasudevachar, Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar, Chembai, Alathoor Srinivasa Iyer and Musiri Subramanya Iyer.

Some of the live concerts of Prof. Ramarathnam recorded between 1970 - 2004 are available here. His biography 'Reminiscence of a Musician' is released as part of Prof. Ramarathnam's 90th Birthday Celebration in December 2006. The PDF version of the book is available here. Some of his books are available here.

Prof. Ramarathnam's death marks the end of a Carnatic legend who left behind for us a great treasure of music and literature. His official website cites: "Prof. Ramarathnam's mortal remains will be on display at his residence at Saraswathi Puram, Mysore on Tuesday, November 18, 2008, around noon".

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lessons from life

Based on the 'gyan' accumulated over a period of years, yours truly suddenly got the following insight about life. Looks like stating the obvious, but still the analogy is fitting.

"Struggle is like a lamp, that flickers due to the winds of hardships. Only hope, like a hand protecting the lamp, can keep it going."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Carnatic Vocal Concert by Maharajapuram Srinivasan

The carnatic vocal concert by Sri Maharajapuram Srinivasan on the second day of Vinjamuri Memorial Concerts at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad had the trademark of the legendary Maharajapuram music family. Sri Srinivasan was accompanied by his son Maharajapuram Ganesh Viswanathan on vocal. Voilin support was provided by Sri Parur M.A.Krishnaswamy and support on mridangam was provided by Sri Tanjore Kumar.
The concert started with varnam in kaanada. The next two were compositions by Muthuswamy Dikshitar in Malahari and Naata. After the Tyagararaja's composition 'Vinayakuni Valenu', a brief sketch of Sudhdha Dhanyasi was rendered followed by 'Narayana Ninna Namada' composition by Purandara Dasa. Annamacharya's composition 'Gummani Yedi' in Poorvi Kalyani was executed beautifully with the neravel 'Venkatapathi Yani Vedanilayudani Pankajanabhuni Padero' being the highlight. Dr. Vinjamuri's composition 'Narasimha Nannu Brovara' was rendered next in Bilahari.
The fast paced 'Raghuvamsa Sudha' in Kadanakuthoohala was rendered before the main piece of evening Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi with pallavi 'Thenpazhani Vadivelane Deivanai Manalane'. Tani avarthanam in the next composition 'Ksheenamai Tiruga' in Mukhari was perfect with Ganesh's vocals. The last part of the concert had brief compositions of Purandara Dasa, 'Neerajadala Nayana Krishna' in Mand and the tamil composition 'Vilaiyada Idhu Nerama Muruga'. The concert ended on a electrifying note with the composition 'Bho Shambho Siva Shambho Swayambho' in Revathi. It was a perfect concert for both Rasikas and casual carnatic music listeners.
Photo Courtesy:
You can find the recording of the entire concert below. You can download the entire concert in three zip files: Zip File-1, Zip File-2 and Zip File-3.
If there are any copyright issues for putting the MP3s for free download, please let me know. I will remove the access to files in that case. I am hoping that the MP3s downloaded from here are ONLY for personal use and will NOT be used for commercial purposes.

  1. Introduction (MP3-1,MP3-2,MP3-3)
  2. Nera Nammithi - Varnam (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Kanada. Talam: Ata. Composer: Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar.
  3. Pancha Maathanga Mukha (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Malahari. Talam: Rupaka. Composer: Muthuswamy Dikshithar.
  4. Swaminatha Paripalayasumam (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Naata. Talam: Adi. Composer: Muthuswamy Dikshithar.
  5. Vinayakuni Valenu (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Madhyamavathi. Talam: Adi. Composer: Tyagaraja.
  6. Narayana Ninna Namada (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Sudhdha Dhanyasi. Talam: Adi. Composer: Purandara Dasa.
  7. Raghuvira Ranadhira Rara Rajakumara (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Huseni. Talam: Rupaka. Composer: Tyagaraja.
  8. Gummani Yedi (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Poorvi Kalyani. Talam: Adi. Composer: Annamacharya
    Neraval : Venkatapathi Yani Vedanilayudani Pankajanabhuni Padero.
  9. Narasimha Nannu Brovara (MP3)
    Ragam: Bilahari. Talam: Misra Chapu. Composer: Dr. Vinjamuri.
  10. Raghuvamsa Sudha (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Kadanakuthoohala. Talam: Adi. Composer: Patnam Subramanya Iyer.
  11. RTP (MP3)
    Pallavi: Thenpazhani Vadivelane Deivanai Manalane.
  12. Ksheenamai Tiruga (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Mukhari. Talam: Adi. Composer: Tyagaraja.
    Tani Avarthanam.
  13. Neerajadala Nayana Krishna (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Mand. Talam: Adi. Composer: Mannargudi Sambasiva Bagavathar Iyer.
  14. Govinda Ninna Namave Chanda (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Janasammodhini. Talam: Adi. Composer: Purandara Dasa.
  15. Kelo Sachcharitha (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Ragamalika. Talam: Adi. Composer: Purandara Dasa.
  16. Ragi Thandira (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Kalyanavasantham. Talam: Adi. Composer: Purandara Dasa.
  17. Vilaiyada Idhu Nerama Muruga (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Shanmukhapriya. Talam: Adi. Composer: T.N. Bala.
  18. Bho Shambho Siva Shambho Swayambho (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Revathi. Talam: Adi. Composer: Swami Dayananda Saraswati.
  19. Bhavamana (Mangalam) (MP3)
    Ragam: Saurashram. Talam: Adi. Composer: Thyagaraja.