Sunday, November 2, 2008

Carnatic Vocal Concert by Maharajapuram Srinivasan

The carnatic vocal concert by Sri Maharajapuram Srinivasan on the second day of Vinjamuri Memorial Concerts at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad had the trademark of the legendary Maharajapuram music family. Sri Srinivasan was accompanied by his son Maharajapuram Ganesh Viswanathan on vocal. Voilin support was provided by Sri Parur M.A.Krishnaswamy and support on mridangam was provided by Sri Tanjore Kumar.
The concert started with varnam in kaanada. The next two were compositions by Muthuswamy Dikshitar in Malahari and Naata. After the Tyagararaja's composition 'Vinayakuni Valenu', a brief sketch of Sudhdha Dhanyasi was rendered followed by 'Narayana Ninna Namada' composition by Purandara Dasa. Annamacharya's composition 'Gummani Yedi' in Poorvi Kalyani was executed beautifully with the neravel 'Venkatapathi Yani Vedanilayudani Pankajanabhuni Padero' being the highlight. Dr. Vinjamuri's composition 'Narasimha Nannu Brovara' was rendered next in Bilahari.
The fast paced 'Raghuvamsa Sudha' in Kadanakuthoohala was rendered before the main piece of evening Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi with pallavi 'Thenpazhani Vadivelane Deivanai Manalane'. Tani avarthanam in the next composition 'Ksheenamai Tiruga' in Mukhari was perfect with Ganesh's vocals. The last part of the concert had brief compositions of Purandara Dasa, 'Neerajadala Nayana Krishna' in Mand and the tamil composition 'Vilaiyada Idhu Nerama Muruga'. The concert ended on a electrifying note with the composition 'Bho Shambho Siva Shambho Swayambho' in Revathi. It was a perfect concert for both Rasikas and casual carnatic music listeners.
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You can find the recording of the entire concert below. You can download the entire concert in three zip files: Zip File-1, Zip File-2 and Zip File-3.
If there are any copyright issues for putting the MP3s for free download, please let me know. I will remove the access to files in that case. I am hoping that the MP3s downloaded from here are ONLY for personal use and will NOT be used for commercial purposes.

  1. Introduction (MP3-1,MP3-2,MP3-3)
  2. Nera Nammithi - Varnam (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Kanada. Talam: Ata. Composer: Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar.
  3. Pancha Maathanga Mukha (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Malahari. Talam: Rupaka. Composer: Muthuswamy Dikshithar.
  4. Swaminatha Paripalayasumam (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Naata. Talam: Adi. Composer: Muthuswamy Dikshithar.
  5. Vinayakuni Valenu (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Madhyamavathi. Talam: Adi. Composer: Tyagaraja.
  6. Narayana Ninna Namada (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Sudhdha Dhanyasi. Talam: Adi. Composer: Purandara Dasa.
  7. Raghuvira Ranadhira Rara Rajakumara (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Huseni. Talam: Rupaka. Composer: Tyagaraja.
  8. Gummani Yedi (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Poorvi Kalyani. Talam: Adi. Composer: Annamacharya
    Neraval : Venkatapathi Yani Vedanilayudani Pankajanabhuni Padero.
  9. Narasimha Nannu Brovara (MP3)
    Ragam: Bilahari. Talam: Misra Chapu. Composer: Dr. Vinjamuri.
  10. Raghuvamsa Sudha (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Kadanakuthoohala. Talam: Adi. Composer: Patnam Subramanya Iyer.
  11. RTP (MP3)
    Pallavi: Thenpazhani Vadivelane Deivanai Manalane.
  12. Ksheenamai Tiruga (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Mukhari. Talam: Adi. Composer: Tyagaraja.
    Tani Avarthanam.
  13. Neerajadala Nayana Krishna (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Mand. Talam: Adi. Composer: Mannargudi Sambasiva Bagavathar Iyer.
  14. Govinda Ninna Namave Chanda (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Janasammodhini. Talam: Adi. Composer: Purandara Dasa.
  15. Kelo Sachcharitha (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Ragamalika. Talam: Adi. Composer: Purandara Dasa.
  16. Ragi Thandira (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Kalyanavasantham. Talam: Adi. Composer: Purandara Dasa.
  17. Vilaiyada Idhu Nerama Muruga (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Shanmukhapriya. Talam: Adi. Composer: T.N. Bala.
  18. Bho Shambho Siva Shambho Swayambho (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Revathi. Talam: Adi. Composer: Swami Dayananda Saraswati.
  19. Bhavamana (Mangalam) (MP3)
    Ragam: Saurashram. Talam: Adi. Composer: Thyagaraja.


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