Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rajasthani Folk Music

Today I attended a Rajasthani folk music and dance program oraganized by SPICMACAY. They presented nine compositions and for two of them traditional Rajasthani dance was performed. It was a team of about ten people. There were two lead singers, one dancer and accompanists to play traditional instruments that included Dhol, Kamayacha, Algoza, Poongi, Morchang and Khartal.
Though I could not understand the lyrics of the songs that were sung, the music and the vocals were amazingly beautiful. The compositions had a natural innocence and joy, qualities which are difficult to find in this age of commercial music. The voice of the lead singers was deep and haunting. The person who was playing Khartal was an absolute joy to watch. The way he was moving his hands, his head and his entire body was in resonance with the beats he was playing. Morchang was played exceptionally well by a kid who may not be more than 10-12 years old. The two dances presented were good. The second dance was particularly good where in the dancer did some very difficult things like picking a money note with her mouth and two rings with her two eye brows simultaneously. Overall it was a nice evening. Only thing which I found missing in the performance was an introduction about the instruments and may be a bit more about the meaning of the songs that were being sung.

The audio of the evening is recorded and you can find it below. Due to the poor acoustics of the venue, the recording is not too good. There is some noise. The entire concert can be downloaded as one zip file.
If there are any copyright issues for putting the MP3s for free download, please let me know. I will remove the access to files in that case. I am hoping that the MP3s downloaded from here are ONLY for personal use and will NOT be used for commercial purposes.
  1. Introduction
  2. Kesariya
  3. Composition 2
  4. Composition 3
  5. Morchang
  6. Algoza
  7. Nimbooda Nimbooda
  8. Jugalbandi
  9. Poongi
  10. Dum a Dum Must Qalandar