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Qing Tian - Sunny Day

(Post from my previous blog. Originally posted on October 06, 2006)

Don't ask me how I accidentally stumbled into to a Taiwanese song by Jay Chou whose title was Qing Tian meaning sunny day or cloudless day. There was a website I visited and this song was playing in the background. After some googling, I got hold of the mp3. You can find it here - Qing Tian MP3 [Updated]. What is interesting about this song is that although I don't have a clue about the lyrics, I found the song is very melodious and soothing. It has been playing endlessly in my playlist from the last 3-4 days. Probably it is the music or the way the lyrics are sung. You should listen to the song and try following the lyrics below. Its very interesting.

Gu shi de xiao huang hua
Cong chu sheng na nian jiu piao zhe
Tong nian de dang qiu qian
Sui ji yi yi zhi huang dao xian zai

Ruay sou sou si dou si
La sou la si si si si la si la sou

Chui zhe qian zou wang zhe tian kong wo xiang qi hua ban shi zhe diao luo

* Wei ni qiao ke de na yi tian
Hua luo de na yi tian
Jiao shi de na yi jian
Wo zen me kan bu jian
Xiao shi de xia yu tian
Wo hao xiang zai lin yi bian
Mei xiang dao shi qu de yong qi wo hai liu zhe
Hao xiang zai wen yi bian
Ni hui deng dai hai shi li kai

# Gua feng zhe tian
Wo shi guo wo zhe ni shou
Dan pian pian
Yu jian jian
Da dao wo kan ni bu jian
Hai yao duo jiu
Wo cai neng zai ni shen bian
Deng dai fang qing de na tian
Ye xu wo hui bi jiao hao yi dian

Cong qian cong qian
You ge ren ai ni hen jiu
Dan pian pian
Feng jian jian
Ba ju li chui de hao yuan
Hao bu rong yi
You neng zai duo ai yi tian
Dan gu shi de zui hou ni hao xiang hai shi shuo liao bai bai


I found the translation of the above lyrics here.

The small yellow flower of the story has been flowing since the year I was born
The swings of my childhood is still swinging inside my memory
(Singing along with the melody)
re so so si do si la so la si si si si la si la so
I’m blowing the prelude and watching the sky, I’m thinking of flower petals that try to fall.

* The day I wagged the class for you, the day the flower falls
That classroom of yours; how can I never see it?
The disappeared rainy days, I wish to get wet by the rain again
Every time I thought of the supposed to be lost courage are still there,
I really want to ask you again, will you stay or leave?

# The day the wind started blowing, I tried to hold your hand.
But, the rain gradually, has gotten so heavy that I can no longer see you.
How long will it be until I can be with you?
Waiting to the day the sun shines, maybe I will start to feel better.

Long long ago, there’s a person who have loved you for a long time.
But, however, the wind gradually, blew the distance so far apart
Finally I can love you for one more day
But at the end of the story, you seemed to still said (good bye)#

I found something else also: it seems the word Qian Tian is a popular chinese metaphor to justice. That is because of a very popular ancient judge Bao Qingtian. The wiki page writes:

His name became synonymous with justice, with the clear blue sky (qing tian) became a popular metaphor to justice in the Chinese-speaking world.

If you have managed to read till here, thank you for reading this useless article! :)

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