Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An enthralling evening by Sanjay Subramanian

On 26th May, I attended a charming and captivating concert by Sri Sanjay Subramanian at Ravindra Bharathi which was organized by SICA, Hyderabad as a part of their foundation day celebrations. The carnatic vocal rendered by Sanjay enchanted the audience. It was a rare feat to see the audience glued to their seats for more than three hours till the last item 'mangalam'. The main item of the evening was in Thodi. The violin support was rendered by Sri M.R. Gopinath, Mridangam by Sri Neyveli B. Venkatesh and Ghatam by Sri Trichy Murali. It will be incomplete if I dont mention that the instrumental support elevated the ambiance of the evening.

File Photo. Courtesy: The Hindu

The details of the songs performed are below. I recorded the entire concert and the links to MP3s are also given. You can also download the entire concert in three zip files: file 1, file 2 and file 3.
If there are any copyright issues for putting the MP3s for free download, please let me know. I will remove the access to files in that case. I am hoping that the MP3s downloaded from here are ONLY for personal use and will NOT be used for commercial purposes.
[Update 29th October 2008: All the links work now.]
  1. Nera Nammithi - Varnam (MP3)
    Ragam: Kanada. Talam: Ata. Composer: Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar
  2. Bhavanutha Na Hridayamuna (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Mohana. Talam: Adi. Composer: Tyagaraja
  3. Nannu Vidachi Kadalakuraa (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Reeti Gowla. Talam: Mishra Chapu. Composer: Tyagaraja
  4. Shiva Chidambarame (MP3)
    Ragam: Nagaswarali. Talam: Adi. Composer: Muththuthandavar
  5. Santana Gopala Krishnam - (MP3, Lyrics)
    Ragam: Khamas. Talam: Rupaka. Composer: Muthuswamy Dikshithar
  6. Alapana: Todi
    Chesinadella Marachithivo (MP3-1, MP3-2 [Thaniavarthanam], Lyrics)
    Ragam: Thodi. Talam:Adi. Composer: Tyagaraja
    Neravel: 'Rama sree thyagaraja premavatara seeta'
    Swarakalpana: 'Bhama matalu telpu bheemanjaneyu brahma'
  7. RTP in Ragam Bhageswari (MP3)
    "Ka Va Va Vala Va Then Pazhani malai urayu Muruga"*
    Swarakalpana: Valaji and Varali
    Ka va va - Krithi
    Ragam: Varali. Talam: Adi. Composer: Papanasam Shivan
  8. Virutham in Ragam Behag (MP3)
    Sri Madhava Vasudeva - Krithi
    Ragam: Behag. Talam: Adi. Composer: Papanasam Shivan
  9. Haridasulu vedale (MP3)
    Ragam: Yamuna Kalyani. Talam: Adi. Composer: Tyagaraja.
  10. Vetta veli tannai* (MP3, Lyrics**)
    Ragam: Jonpuri, Anandabharavi*. Talam:?. Composer:?.
  11. Virutham in Ragas Surati,Bhimpalas (MP3)
    Maname kanamum (Lyrics)
    Ragam: Bhimpalas. Talam: Adi. Composer: Papanasam Shivan.
  12. Bhavamana - Mangalam
    Ragam: Sourashtra. Talam: Adi. Composer: Tyagaraja.
* Hat Tip 1: Thanks to Revanth. I didn't know the lyrics of the tamil krithis.
** Hat Tip 2: Thanks to Lakshmanan for lyrics.


nandakee said...

Excellent concert and great recording. Can you please let me know what is the recorder you used?

Satya said...

Thanks. I am using Olympus DS-50 voice recorder.

R.Subramanian said...

Thanks a lot. Lovely concert and the recording didn't disappoint either.

karthit said...

I ve heard hundreds of thodi's by Sanjay in the past several years but the one here is one of the best Ive ever heard! I cant express enough, my thanks to u for sharing this!

Preeti said...

Can you please upload the mp3 for the Ka va va song?
Am unable to download

Satya said...

Hi Preeti, You can download the file from the link:

hhr said...

Can u pls re-upload the santhana gopala krishnam song....

Thimmu said...

I tried to download the .zip file. But it says the file is not available. Can you please upload it again.


Satya said...

Actually any file I upload will get deleted after 7 days if there is no activity. If you want any specific mp3, please send a mail to satyasense [at] yahoo [dot] com. I will send it by mail.

Hash said...

Hi Satya,

I'm Harsha here. I'll be really grateful to u if u can send the zip file or the mp3s to


Steelman said...

Dear Satya,
I live in Santiago, Chile.
I came across your blog by chance.
After reading all the comments of various readers I am eager to listen to the entire concert.
I am a great fan of Sanjay.
Can you email the entire zip file at
With best wishes & Deepawali greetings, suresh

revanth said...

hello Satya
Well.. i wonder if you attended the concert which was on the next day of sanjay sir's
It was by Smt.Nithyasree Mahadevan
It was a spellbound concert with Subhapanthuvarali sub main and Kharaharapriya main. There was a RTP in mohana,sama,brindavani and Saranga and it had around 25 ragas in the kalpana swarams....
I wonder if you recorded that concert??
I would really be grateful to you....

Satya said...

@ Revanth: No, I couldn't attend the next day concert!

revanth said...

Oh thats okay.... thanks a lot... :)

Usha said...

Very good effort for the making the concert available for us. Genius music. Thanks.

Yoge said...

Hi i'm YOgesh .....
nice work dude......
Thank you very much for your effort....
one request ..
CAn you post the video songs of this album.....if you have pease i need it .... thanks in advance....

Ramesh Rangan said...

Dear Satya
I came across your site when surfing for Siva Chidambarame... in Nagaswaravali by Sanjay
Thank you for the upload.
- Ramesh Rangan Dubai